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Admins register below, while members download the app from the Android App Store.


Whether it is the congregation of a church wanting to share testimonies, or traffic wardens wanting to capture videos & pictures of traffic infringements, or election officers & journalists wanting to simultaneously post polling booth results & activity from 1,000 polling stations across a region or country, or any such monitoring logistics causes – SocialStakeholder allows the group to post & chat, in text, image & video, and also enables stakeholders to view reports streaming in, in realtime.


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Secure Zone app

Secure Zone app brings a new level of security to occasions, events or communities, helping them run smarter, more effectively, and more securely while seamlessly understanding the trends and preferences of attendees for all the benefits of efficiency and security.

It's really simple to setup.

- Register an account.
- Download the 3 Secure-Z apps.
- Order the NFC cards.
- Order Member Access according to number of guests or users.
- And if you need help, order that too per number of guests.



You have Security for the Home and for the Office block. But what about for that special occasion and for your community?

Its the future of security!
And its exquisite too!

While inviting guests, use your downloaded Secure-Z Writer app to issue NFC cards as part of the guest invitation package. Then set up the event location with Mobile devices running the Secure-Z Reader apps. Devices can be held by ushers or pasted at special points. As guests tap their cards against the reader while passing in and around the event, you get pop-ups on your Secure-Z app showing the image & identity of the card holder. You also receive instant email alerts with details of the flag ~ who, where, when. E.g.

«Jake, Jane accessed ballroom at 12.32pm, Weds. Jan5»

Also use it creatively to know guest preferences & trends. Say you have this note:

"Folks, choose meal preference by tapping against the device indicating your meal option". Then what happens is you /kitchen get alerts:

« Kitchen, Peter ordered Meal-1: Seafood. 1.47pm, Thurs, Jan6»

« Kitchen, Ryan ordered Meal-3: Italian. 2.20pm, Thurs, Jan6»

Keeps the kitchen efficient and waste to a minimum.
Arrival trends of invitees, even gives you a sense of when exactly to make your big appearance!

And get automated reports on one or all flagged-points or even on each guest. It's your occasion, enjoy retracing guest habits or trends so next time you can make it even smarter! E.g.

Kim, accessed Entrance 9.25am
Kim, accessed Exit - 9.28am
Kim, accessed Entrance - 9.45am
Kim, accessed Ballroom 9.49am
Kim, accessed Lunchroom 9.52am
Kim, ordered Italian Lunch 9.54am
Kim, accessed Exit 9.57am
Huh? Kim!!!???

Include your security guy to receive alerts too and they will instantly be put into chats according to the matrix of who you setup to receive alerts on what flags.

Original msg:

«Kim, accessed Ballroom 9.49am»


Kevin: "Hey, why exactly is Kim in the Ball room when we should be in the Lunch room? The room shouldn't be open yet. The surprise gift is in there, folks!"
Tod: My bad.
Blake: lol!

But all in all, it makes it exquisite and fits you right into the new age of security & efficiency. You can actually secure a city if you had to!


- Register an account.
- Download the 3 Secure-Z apps.
- Order the NFC cards.
- Order Member Access according to number of guests.
- And if you need help, order that too per # guests.

Click on SHOP to get started.
Then use the SETUP for instructions.



Q. I like what it can do for our team, but we would like to use it on our own server. Is it possible for you to customize the app for us and have us deploy to our own server?

A. Absolutely! We can customize & spin it off as your own app, as well as deploy a version to your server. For this, send an email to However, it is free if you want to use it here.

Q. How do I register my group?

A. To register your group, you need to first have an admin who does the setup. The admin will register for an account here, and then create user-names and passwords for each member (they can edit it later). Each member of the group will download the SocialStakeholder app from the Google Play Store accessible from their android phones, and log in with those credentials supplied by the admin and they are ready to go.

Q. What makes it different from other social networking groups like whatsapp, facebook or yahoo?

A. A couple of things: First, this group is structured. The admin creates the topics or ‘products’ against which members post. So it suddenly has a structured agenda, which means that posts are filed and shelved in such a way as to easily reference and build upon.

Then, the ability to create topics or products allows the group focus on its chosen agenda – and because each post can be complimented by adding a picture or video from an app on your mobile phone, it makes it a powerful tool for capturing proof of events.

But the most important is the reports. Each proof of event captured streams into reports which stakeholders can access. So suddenly, from a simple app like SocialStakeholder, you are suddenly empowered with the tool that can monitor any event: from elections, through traffic infringements, to something as cool as church congregation testimonies.

Q. What are the registration steps?

A. Fill out the registration form. Check your email (or spam box) for the auto-confirmation email then click on it to confirm email. Log in online. The first time it will take you to page to fill out your profile, fill that. And it will take you to a page to start creating member profiles (you can skip this page if not ready) and access it later under the MEMBERS info page found under the SETUP ICON (see image below).

Q. How do I set up products?

A. Visit our HOW TO DO SITE for some setup scenarios:

Q. Having set up products, how do I set up the members for communication?

A. It is like any other social network in terms of inviting / accepting invitations from members as a prerequisite to communicating

- All invitations between members and admin are done online from the web version at this site using the credentials previously established.
- The admin can invite the member or vice-versa. They search in the “SEARCH FOR YOUR STAKEHOLDER BY EMAIL” box (as in image above) by inputting the other parties email, then searching and then inviting the other party.
- Upon the other party accepting, yours will show in their STAKEHOLDER section (see below) and theirs will show in yours.
- Now, if you want them to receive what YOU post, you then move them from STAKEHOLDER section to LISTED section. You do this by checking the box next to the person name and clicking on the ADD button (see image below). You won’t receive what they post however, if they don`t similarly ADD you to their LISTED group.
- Each member can regulate, stop, block, remove friends using this module and done only online.

Q. Say we want to use it for a group that has members in different locations and we want to take advantage of the categorization of product, but also need to categorize the sub-sets of members say per state or location etc. Is there a way to do this – thereby making it smarter for us?

A. Absolutely! When creating members, you have the ability to create them as MEMBERS or SUB-MEMBERS. This distinction is important when the reports start coming in. The SUB-MEMBER totals are collapsed into the MEMBER totals, which further collapse into the ADMIN total (see image, below). So it means admins can run reports based on region, and the videos and images show up in the reports too. Simply click on the link to view.

Note that each member can also log in online to view their reports, while the admin can run a variety of reports.

Q. Can admins setup reports to be auto sent to users.

A. Yep! Admins have that ability too! They can setup any stakeholder to receive any report for any period of time which is auto-aggregated and sent to them.



Whether it is an occasion, event or place that would benefit from having level-2 security & efficiency, the setup is similar: First, those accessing the zone will need NFC Access Cards. Then Mobile devices will run the app that flags users through. Finally, folks can monitor user trends & preferences while collaborating over user-flags in realtime.

The setup will walk you through:

1. How to setup NFC user cards. This is done using the Secure-Z Writer and Secure-Z main app.

2. How to Name & set up flag-points. This is done both online and on the Secure-Z reader app.

3. How to assign members to receive pop-ups and e-alerts when users are flagged at each point as well as automated reports. This is setup online.

4. A walk-through of the end-to-end test: Card is flagged > Member gets pop-up > Members get email alerts >Members check reports> Members collaborate.


A.) Create a user record:
i. Launch the main Secure-Z app and click on SYNCHRONIZE to log in with the credentials of the account you registered online.

ii. Return to main screen and click on CLIENT > then ADD CLIENT > fill the record and add their picture (if you don't have one, grab one from their social media page) and save. (You need only 1 picture for the 1st picture icon.) Then save.

iii. Take note of the ID number of the client (you will need it at the next step).


i. Once you get some NFC cards and have the Secure-Z Writer launched on your phone, put the card down on any surface and hover the BACK of the phone over the NFC card while looking at your phone screen. It will instantly tell you if the NFC card is good or not.

ii. Once determined it is good, type in the Client ID number got in the step 1Aiii above. And you are all set!


Your flag points are set up on the Secure-Z Reader which is installed on the mobile devices which guests tap against either as they access the zones or make choices you've made available to them. It is a sequence which starts online.


Log in with your credentials and go to LOGISTICS (under the 1st icon from left). Here you will create your access or flag-points. It gives you some choices as to the arrangement using CATEGORY, SUB-CATEGORY, and PRODUCT. So for instance if you have a main-door, and back-door, conference room, you may simply construct in your own words e.g

Building-1 (Category)
Main Door (Product)
Back Door (Product)
Conference (Product)

*Note. Wherever you put the cursor, it creates your choice as a step below the cursor.

Or say you offer 2 types of Reading Material and want to know which each participant chooses. You can have it as:

Building-1 (Category)
Main Door. (Product) Back Door. (Product) Conference. (Product) Material. (Category)
Course-1. (Product) Course-2. (Product) Meals. (Category)
Conference Rm-1. (Sub-Category) Italian meal. (Product) Continental meal(Product) Conference-2. (Sub-Category) African meal. (Product) Jamaican meal. (Product)

So it is a creative process based on where you'd like your flag points to be and called. Once done you need to LINK the product.


i. Once the product/ flag-point has been created, then Create the MEMBER accounts to which it will be linked. To do this, go to the circular setup icon and select MEMBER INFO. Here you will assign names and email addresses/passwords (create a few on Gmail, Hotmail etc).

ii. Link Logistic to Member: On setup icon, select LINK PRODUCT. Here you will see the Products-Logistics you just created. In the dropdown you will also see the members you just created. Link each product-logistic to a specific member.

iii. Complete the linking of product/member on app. Mobile devices that will read the NFC cards will need to be linked to each flag point (or logistics created). Download and open up the Secure-Z Reader then log in with the member account you just created. Select the Product to be linked, E.g 'Main door' and you are done. Back out to use.


This determines the matrix of who gets emails emanating from each specific secure-z reader as it flags users accessing them.

i. Ensure you have created as many MEMBER profiles as you want to receive alerts by going to setup > Member Info.

ii. On the setup icon, online, click on BUSINESS CHAT to assign who will receive what data sent by whom. And you're done! Now, put it all to work!

iii. Member logs in with new ID into the main Secure-Z app.


NFC Guest Card is activated
Reader is Set up
Member is logged in.

i. Tap the guest card against the reader. If the members account is open, watch it pop-up up the guests data.

ii. Do nothing or add a comment. If member does nothing, run a second card over the reader that will trigger the 1st to be sent.

iii. Check your email for alerts. Run reports online. To run the report, go online to the calculator icon and click on CLIENT REPORT. There you can set different parameters to generate different report types.

iii. Set up auto reports online. Reports are consolidated for the entire system or can select for specific reports on flag points, guests or members.

iv. Click on BUSINESS CHAT on the main Secure-Z app. Here is where you'd instantly be put into the Secure-Z messaging module which enables you chat / communicate in realtime with those who you've been included to receive flag-point alerts.